Synergy Solar is a Turn-Key, commercial and utility scale solar contractor. We work closely with project owners, developers, and designers to offer the highest quality product. Synergy Solar has a wide range of experience in solar installation. We have installed solar systems on a wide variety of sites, including but not limited to, ground mounts, roof mounts, ballasted systems, tracker systems, and car ports. With our Master electrician, Journeyman electricians, and highly trained install crews, Synergy Solar is able to provide a higher level of quality and efficiency.

Synergy Solar approaches projects with a team building mindset, and strives to maintain the highest level of respect, care, and safety throughout the project. Our management team and install crews bring years of combined experience and expertise to each project.

Synergy Solar's team was built with the industry's experts, people with valued experience that can work together as one, for the good of the project. We are a group of dedicated, hardworking, value driven people who put our experience and craftsmanship to work for you. 

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Synergy Experience


With installations all across the Western Hemisphere, and a complete understanding of solar construction management, we can handle any location, any weather, and any hurdle. No matter the challenge, we meet & exceed our clients' expectations with regard to safety and timelines.

Environmental Challenges

Plymouth, MA

Challenges: Sub-Zero Temperatures, 3' frosted ground surfaces, multiple subsurface levels of bedrock, major snowstorms, high winds, & frozen machinery. 

Physical Challenges

Big Springs, Texas

Challenges: Curved Car Port Structures, Fully Operating VA Hospital, High Degree of Difficulty to Phase Construction & Allow Parking

Whether it be rocky terrain, windy weather, or crowded car ports, Synergy not only gets the job done, but gets it done on time and with the utmost concern for safety.

Our Approach to Safety 

At Synergy Solar Inc. we are proud of our outstanding safety record. We complete all work within the OSHA guidelines. All of our trained employees are OSHA certified, and work to a higher level of quality and safety. We strive to keep our crews fully up to date with respect to training and safety, we hold weekly safety orientation meetings on each project, and daily meetings on the job's progress and we have tool box safety training as well.

We believe that safety is number one and is the major focus of all our project managers and install crews. Synergy has an excellent record in safety and we will continue to place the safety of our employees, equipment, and working conditions at the top of our responsibilities, not only within our company, but with that of all our partners on every project. We formulate a unique safety plan for the hazards of each specific project. 

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